During medieval times the Pavisor was known as a shield-carrying soldier who fought to defend the kingdom against enemy attackers. Today, the term Pavisor is recognized as an innovative, Federal Government industry partner, helping to shield against those who attempt to steal privacy sensitive identity information, thereby protecting taxpayers, employees, students and other from identity theft.

Pavisor combines its Data Assessment services with the best of breed for data leakage prevention, Fidelis XPS™, tools to help Federal agencies shield themselves against leakage of identity information.

Working directly with the US Department of Defense and leading Financial Services Companies throughout the US, Pavisor engineers fully developed its assessment methodologies and are aligned with preferred IT security platforms based on NIAP certified and/or registered products and other Federal Government approved IT security solutions. The unique two-week assessment process and resulting agency report is produced by highly trained engineers with appropriate security clearances and is designed to minimize operational impact on agency services and personnel. For more information about Pavisor, contact us.

For more information about Fidelis XPS™, visit Fidelis Security Systems.